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November 7-10th 2024 
- Carlsbad, California

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Brainstorm, network and explore ways to make the world a better place by becoming a HopeMaker...

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Come together with like-minded professionals to create something interesting and powerful.


Exclusive retreats feature inspiring talks & world-class networking with a remarkable community.

New Ideas

Go home with a renewed spirit, energy and ideas to move forward with all your projects.

"We’ve been relying on politicians and big corporations to change things.  It’s time for ordinary people to step up and be the change."

What It Is?

As a HopeMaker, you’ll bring forth your vision for affecting change in your industry.  

You’ll share your highest dreams and hopes for not only yourself, but also the world.

HopeMakers present ideas that will make change and impact people’s lives through creative brainstorming and collective knowledge.  This lets you return home from our live retreats with a renewed spirit, vibrant energy and actionable ideas to complete your projects. 

You’ll be surrounded by global experts with tremendous skills and talents who choose to volunteer and support each other.  You’ll attend inspiring talks from powerhouse people who will help you grow.   You’ll leave our intimate events with possibilities and opportunities.

If you believe in the spirit of service and power of listening, then you’re guaranteed to be surrounded by amazing people, ideas and processes that will bring you exactly what you need.


"HopeMakers are smart, innovative, caring people.  I know that great things will happen when I get in a room with them."


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What Will Participating
Mean For You?

  • Achieve your highest hopes for yourself and the world
  • Get clarity on how to affect change for those you serve
  • Surround yourself with people of courage and integrity
  • We've been described as a community of community builders
  • Join a non-judgmental environment of global leaders
  • Connect with the experts you need to grow your impact
  • Zero-solicitation environment, not a pitch-fest
  • Everyone is personally vetted for integrity and values

About Our Founder

Greg Zlevor

Greg Zlevor is the President and Founder of Westwood International. He has over 25 years of experience in executive leadership development and education and has served as a coach, consultant, and facilitator for companies across Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia.

Under Greg’s leadership, Westwood International has made it its mission to give back, supporting not-for-profit organizations that help homeless children and at-risk youth across the United States, Mexico, Thailand, India, and South America.

  • Founder Westwood International 
  • World class facilitator and coach 
  • 8x Best-selling author

Greg on LinkedIn

“Us coming together will create something new, interesting and powerful.”

-Greg Zlevor

Potential Speakers & Attendees for Our Next Event

Christine Burych

Leadership Development and Executive Coach, Leading expert in mental health in the workplace & HopeMaker in Action- assisting Ukrainian refugees at the Polish border

Allen Fahden

  • Author
  • Speaker for 20 of the top 100 companies in the world
  • Development of the Team Dimensions Profile Assessment

Rick Loek

  • Certified in NLP, Hypnosis & Mental/Emotional Release
  • Pioneer in AI Technologies like ChatGPT
  • Head of Onesta Wealth Management.

Roy Smoothe

  •  Author, Producer, Publisher, Speaker, and Branding Genius 

Galina Lipina

  • Expert in adaptability, resilience, and organizational agility.

Join The 45+ Members Who Are Collectively Bringing Change To The World

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